Rayna Diane Hennen

Rayna Diane Hennen
Web & Graphic Design
Good Fortune Design Studio

Daughter, Partner, Designer, Front-End Developer, Hockey Fan, Writer, Reader, Knitter, Artist, Motorcycle Enthusiast & Rider, Closet Rockstar.

I design digital and print experiences: Good Fortune Design Studio.

I write about art, design and life.

I ride a 450 pound motorcycle off-road. It's the best thing I never knew I wanted to do. Sometimes I write about riding but I confess not regularly.

I love photography and take photos constantly - even before the ubiquity of cell phones.

I love to read pretty much whatever I can get my hands on. I have a particular fondness for magazines.

Music is everything. It can change or enhance your mood, take you right back to a certain place in time and gives the days a beautiful texture.

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