Rayna Diane Hennen
Owner, Creative Director, Good Fortune Design Studio

Daughter, Partner, Designer, Front-End Developer, Hockey Fan, Writer, Reader, Knitter, Artist, Motorcycle Enthusiast & Rider, Closet Rockstar.

Rayna Diane HennenMy website design work is driven by my passion to help other small businesses succeed, both online and off. I believe this success starts with designing the visual face of your business and all the technology behind it. I am Rayna Diane Hennen, owner of Good Fortune Design, and I am here to help you visually express your business and present your best digital self to the world.

Are you looking for a website design or update, branded graphics that match your mission, or marketing collateral (such as brochures, postcards, and flyers) which tie into your overall brand image? Perhaps you are in need of stronger brand recognition or a rebrand? If you value design, and would describe yourself as a positive person, a go-getter, and a decision-maker, we might just be the perfect match for one another.

I have been designing websites and graphics for over 15 years. I have worked with an array of business owners--creative-types, coaches, and writers--breaking down website creation and branding into digestible pieces. Whether it is front-end website design and graphics, or helping business owners grasp a better understanding of SEO and the technology behind their websites, my sole mission is to support others on their journeys so they can be successful doing what they have been called to do.

When I am not pushing pixels, you will find me creating art journals, getting messy with my paints, writing poetry, or daydreaming about a novel that continues to bubble up in the crevices of my creative brain. I am an professional photographer, capturing pictures of flowers everywhere I go, and my prefered method of transportation is my motorcycle. Traveling by motorcycle has allowed me to see places in this country which are not accessible by any other means. When I’m out on the open road, the wind whipping through my helmet, my office buddy, an orange Tabby cat named Squeaks, holds down the website design fort back home.

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